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Can I sell my life insurance policy?
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“I contacted Boyd for a policy sale, and he was professional and helped my client beyond expectations.”
-Charlie Robinson, Elder Attorney, Clearwater

“The amount of money I was able to secure by using Boyd far surpassed what I was going to get when I contacted one of the big-named companies. Boyd had my best interest at heart and went beyond my expectations.”
-Steve G., former policy owner and client

“I brought in Boyd Settlements for a wonderful client of mine. He was professional and put my client at ease during a difficult time for her. His efforts resulted in helping my client beyond her and my expectations. She needed money and Boyd delivered in a big way. Boyd is an expert in his field.”
-Bob Burnside, CLU, ChFC financial consultant, 50+ years

“I was introduced to Boyd Settlements from my CPA. I had no idea my insurance policy could be sold or had any value to it while I was living. Actually, I was tired of making premium payments and was just going to let it lapse. Much to my surprise Boyd was able to sell it for me for a substantial amount of money. I am very happy to have met him. Bravo Boyd and thank you.”
-Willie R., former policy owner and client